Florida’s Fall Hunting seasons Citrus County

Hunt­ing sea­son here in Florida is well under way. I always know when it’s starts, because col­lege foot­ball and hunt­ing go through the same time of the year together. This is one of the main rea­sons why hunt­ing has never really meant much to me. I’d rather be watch­ing foot­ball all day than sit­ting in a tree stand. But, I know there are plenty of peo­ple out there who have a love for hunt­ing and all the out­door activ­i­ties that go with it, so I wanted to post the sea­son dates here for you.

This is just a basic out­line of the dates. If you are inter­ested in more infor­ma­tion, you can always log on to the Florida Fish and Wildlife website.



Archery sea­son opens Sep­tem­ber 15th in Zone C and runs until Octo­ber 14th.

Cross­bow sea­son runs the same time as bow and from Octo­ber 15th thru Octo­ber 19th, bucks can only be harvested.

Muzzle-loading starts Octo­ber 20th and runs  through Novem­ber 2nd and is a buck sea­son only.

Gen­eral gun sea­son starts Novem­ber 3rd and runs through Jan­u­ary 20th, 2013.

Novem­ber 17th through the 23rd is doe season.

Fall Turkey Season

Sep­tem­ber 15th through Octo­ber 14th hunters can har­vest one male turkey per day and the sea­son limit is two, with bow only.

Sep­tem­ber 15th through Octo­ber 19th cross­bow or bow may be used.

Muzzle-loader, cross­bow or bow may be used Octo­ber 20th through Novem­ber 2nd.

Gen­eral gun opens Novem­ber 3rd and runs through Decem­ber 30th.


Wild Hog

No closed sea­son on wild hog. Hogs may be har­vest year round.


Quail and gray squirrel

Gun sea­son for quail and gray squir­rel runs Novem­ber 10th through March 3rd, 2013.  The use of bows, cross­bows, and muzzle-loaders are allowed dur­ing the same dates as above for turkey.


Hope this infor­ma­tion is use­ful. Feel free to post more infor­ma­tion on the sea­son or infor­ma­tion on your tro­phies here.

Until next time, Happy Hunting.